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More power with less money
Swiss Technology

840 million people living in rural areas across the world lack access to electricity, creating a large imbalance in the development potential between urban and rural areas. Micro-hydropower offers a cost-effective way of accessing electricity, where the resource exists.
A new generation of hydropower plants in various sizes, using a new flow concept and global potential, with a very little production effort, but very economical and efficient.
There is no such product on the market of low-pressure running water power plants, on the one hand involving such a small production effort and on the other hand so remarkably economical. Thanks to a new flow concept, the KW2 powerplants are particularly necessary where traditional hydropower plants are not suitable.
It is a modular system for the construction of very compact hydropower plants: in five sizes (K1 to K5) for an efficient and environmentally friendly production of electricity.
Smart design
- It is very compact - ideal for small waters and it needs considerably less space than other small hydropower plants.
- It does not require a large slope and drain or a high flow rate, functioning from only 0.12 m3/s and can be realized with only 0.50 meters of drop height. We can say, it is actually a meadow hydro power plant…
- It is a power plant without dam, thus without a reservoir.
- Possible to install a couple of turbines in a chain system.
- Only about 50% of the mean runoff of the water body is fed to the power plant. This means that there is always enough residual water in the original body of the water, so that fish migration is guaranteed.
- The KW2 hydro power plant can be very harmonious fitted into the river environment due to its compactness. The water is led by the flowing waters directly laterally in the power plant and supplied back to the water in its entire volume.

Low maintenance
- Long-time, self-cleaning and self-sufficient operation for debris.
- Remote monitoring system 24/7, keeping the high performance of the system.
- Guaranteed energy availability and system efficiency.

- Simple and short construction work and installation.
- It is extremely efficient with great benefits and little effort. The energy generation is optimally used in terms of installation costs and energy yield.
- Obtains energy from rivers or canals that were never viable for energy production before. In opposition with intermittent energy sources (wind and solar), it is actually the best choice for remote houses or villages.
- Generally, no water or installation permits needed (or very few permits), during the non-permanent civil works

Flood proof
- It behaves well even with a varying volume flow.
- The optimal structural solutions avoid bank erosion and provide resistance to floodings.

Clean, green and reliable
- It is environmentally friendly due to its construction and integration into the river landscape, its fish patency and the type of electric power generation. The passage of fish downwards is problem-free due to the construction of the KW2 power plant.
- Due to its compactness, it can be integrated very harmoniously into the river environment.

What they do
- The generator supplies a voltage of 3x400 volt. The electric power can be directly used or fed into the grid.
- Enpower off-grid or on-grid communities with 1 up to 200 households with energy needs of more than 400.000 kWh per year.
- A reliable and constant energy source (unlike intermittent energy sources like wind or solar).

- The potential market of the KW2 Kompakt WASSERKRAFTWERKE can be regarded as global.
- The website www.smallhydroworld.org gives some information about already occupied and still untapped potential of small hydro power worldwide (on-grid and/or off-grid).

The new compact KW2 hydropower plant opens up a further potential that can yet be made usable.
Power supply is one of the first requirements to keep a house, settlement, business or irrigation system running. There are many off grid locations around the world, as well as on grid locations, but the electricity costs are high due to excessive consumption of the factories. Where an inexpensive and clever investment in sustainable, self-generated energy is asked.

Suitable locations
All types of flumes, rivers, industrial waters, canals, dams, old mills or sawmills etc.

-Owner of an usage right or a concession for the water use.
-Appropriate topographical conditions.
-Drop height of at least 0.7 m.
-Flow rate at least 0.12 m3/s (120 l/s).

Implementation levels
- Information supply: general contact information, GPS location (Google Earth), energy need (kWh/year), on grid connection or off grid, photos and videos
- Feasibility study and planning
- Licensing procedure (if required)
- Delivery and inplace execution
- Graduation to work
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